What John Oliver And His Army Of Trolls Are Getting Wrong About Net Neutrality

John Oliver’s brutally funny discussion of net neutrality was a welcome change of pace on a charged issue. And it’s been paying dividends. Thanks to Oliver’s rallying of the troops, the FCC’s comment system broke under the weight of people, well, weighing in.

Unfortunately, they’re targeting the wrong people and the wrong issue. Here’s what the discussion about net neutrality is getting wrong.

First, An Overview

Oliver summed it up better than we ever could, so here. Enjoy:

The only problem is really who he’s directing you to speak with.

Title II Will Not Save Us

The majority of net neutrality advocates are campaigning right for Internet service to be classified, under the Telecommunications Act of 1934, as a Title II industry, or a common carrier. Essentially, under US law, a common carrier cannot turn anyone away. That sounds great, and it actually should be done for reasons that have nothing to do with net neutrality.