The 10 Best Derrick Rose & adidas Commercials Ever

09.27.13 4 years ago
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Nike has always been a basketball apparel powerhouse. Why wouldn’t they be? LeBron James, and Michael Jordan before that, have been the face of the brand for years. Then, Derrick Rose happened. Rose chose adidas over everyone else the summer before his rookie season, launching the company’s basketball brand into new heights.

D-Rose was the star adidas wanted in today’s game. He’s a flashy player, but one who still has a lot of heart. He only cares about winning. It also helps that Rose is one of the most electrifying players to watch in the league, and while adidas had stars before, Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant to name a few, they’ve really stepped up their game with D-Rose.

Over the past few years, adidas came up with clever and entertaining marketing ideas through their captivating commercials. With the unveiling of a new shoe — the D Rose 4 — and the strong quality of the D-Rose adidas commercials, I had to develop a top 10 list of his best commercials with the brand to date.

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Coming in at number 10 is the “This is The Truth” ad, which ran in late 2010 advertising the adidas adiZero Rose. It was one of the first major D-Rose shoe commercials.

The reason for it coming in at number 10 is because it’s the commercial to launch D-Rose’s incredible adidas shoe campaign. It’s also very truthful. D-Rose describes that he isn’t the greatest, he isn’t the second coming of Michael Jordan. Instead he explains that he will get there. The best line in the commercial comes at the end: “I’m fast because I am light.” A statement that follows the theme of the shoe. A powerful commercial for, at that time, an up-and-coming player, which is why it sits at the 10 spot.

Next on this list is definitely the most humorous of the D-Rose adidas commercials. D-Rose takes on Slim Chin (played by Ken Jeong) as he narrates the whole commercial. The ad first ran in 2010 for the adidas adiZero Rose.

My favorite thing about this commercial is it blends both humor and style to showcase the kicks. Rose swiftly moves around the cocky Slim Chin, illustrating the speed given by the shoe. Chin explains how his expensive get-up makes him fast like D-Rose. Using the actor Ken Jeong is usually a good idea for a commercial. Add D-Rose to that and you can’t lose, easily making this the number nine pick.

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