The Top 10 NBA YouTube All-Stars

By: 09.21.11

*about 7,060 results
Most Popular: That’s On Your Family
The game behind the idea for this list. Andrei Kirilenko. 2007 playoffs. Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors. I think I listened to Mike Tirico yell OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MAAAAAAAANNNNNNN at least a dozen times this morning. Adonal Foyle agrees with this ranking.

*about 19,400 results
Most Popular: D-Wade Laughs At ‘Melo
Name me another NBA player who has a better mix of dunks, handles and clutch performances on YouTube. There is no one else. Wade stands alone at the top. At the same time, ever since D-Wade’s absurd 2008-09 season, I’ve felt there hasn’t been a more criminally underrated player than Wade (historically speaking & on the YouTube hierarchy). He’s going to end up as one of the greatest players of all-time and yet, if you were to go into a barbershop and say that, people would chuckle.

*about 25,550 videos
Most Popular: The Fake Commercial
The King might’ve been number one on this list if we destroyed all video of His Decision-ness from the past year. Now when you search for LeBron James, there are just too many spoofs of that night, jokes that should’ve worn off around Christmas of last year. He barely beats out Wade for this spot just off the strength of his high school highlights.

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