Miami Goes MIA As Roy Hibbert Erupts; San Antonio Has Won 16 In A Row

By: 05.18.12

We are waiting for Tim Duncan/Manu Ginobili/Gregg Popovich/Tony Parker to have an injury that will require surgery one day. When the surgeons go in, we’ll all find out they’re powered by advanced machines. They’re up 2-0 thanks to the 105-88 win and that’s their 16th straight win. You can almost hear the whirring as they picked apart the wounded Clippers like a bored vulture. Parker (22 points, five assists) gets fouled over the head by a flagrant 1 by Blake Griffin in his last minutes in the fourth, only to stick a 17-footer the next shot. Danny Green (13 points on four threes) hit three huge triples in alternating corners in the third that were breaking points in any kind of Clipper rally. It was long gone before that though in part because of Duncan’s work inside on DeAndre Jordan. The Spurs had 50 points in the paint, which can happen pretty easily (at least it looked that way most of the game) when healthy guards are able to drive past an opponent’s banged-up ones and twos. All eight shots in the key by San Antonio in the third quarter dropped and a ninth make was just a step out of the lane. … We’d love to see this series with a healthy Clips’ lineup. No doubt, LAC wouldn’t be such easy marks with CP3 (10 points, eight TOs) not banged up. We know Griffin’s hurt, but he did score 20. Which means only one board is ridiculous. Also, Nick Young played with impacted teeth. It’s appropriate that this loss for LA isn’t going to be easily digestable. … Boris Diaw hit a three with 10 left in the fourth and Vinny Del Negro just threw his hands up on the sideline. Even he’s hitting them? VDN thought. … The Spurs are the chaser after a stiff shot that is the Eastern Conference. Tired of Wade-on-Spoelstra? Hibbert’s unpredictable play? The Spurs seem to have an answer for that. Again … We’re out like Granger’s tough guy act.

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