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Break Up The Big Three? And The Decisions You Didn’t Know LeBron Made

By 06.11.12
Ray Allen

Ray Allen

If Doc Rivers had his wish, he’d have all three of the Big Three in Boston back next season, it sounds like. Now it’s time to parse how much of that feeling is sentimental or practical on the Celtics’ part. We’ve read a lot of reports saying that Kevin Garnett is the most likely to return after his playoffs where he got nasty and snarly like his old 2004 self. Ray Allen is the question mark we are the most interested in seeing how it plays out.He said after the Game 7 loss on Saturday that he has a lot of basketball left in his legs, but are those ankles agreeing with that statement? He’ll need some kind of surgery for the bone spurs that didn’t let him cut off screens or guard anyone in these playoffs. Sports Illustrated sounded as if Chicago or Memphis are two of the leading contenders for him, and the Grizz make sense in that they offered up O.J. Mayo for him during the season before backing out. Isn’t Boston’s Jesus just the same as Chicago’s Rip Hamilton this season? And what did that exactly do for the Bulls? The notion of bringing back Garnett seems like a no-brainer. Dude will beat you senseless before he lets you get past him on the court and you’ve never had to question his heart. Like any older player, it’s all about those knees. We wouldn’t count on KG doing the types of things he did in this postseason — in fact, we’d strongly hedge it — in an 82-game season, but if Boston can get to the playoffs again you know he’ll bring it. … Side note: We know Mayo has come on as a pretty good role player for the Grizz, but who knew he was so valued by two well-run organizations? Indiana’s nearly gone GM David Morway is getting fired by Larry Bird because he couldn’t get a deal done to get Mayo in training camp, and Ainge loved his ability to get his own shot, too. … Last word on those Celtics: We’ve read a lot of stuff on both sides about how KG and Rajon Rondo left the court early after Game 7 and not shaking anyone’s hands. What’s the appropriate level of outrage on this? We’re thinking it’s not that much to the players. While it’s not the savviest PR move in the world, we bet the Heat players got a hold of those dudes later that night to say what they would have said. … Hit the jump to read about what’s made a difference for the King.

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