Lakers & Hawks Talking Pau Gasol, Josh Smith; 11 Teams Interested In Tyreke Evans

By: 06.28.12
Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

While it appears the talks indicating Tyreke Evans could be traded along with the No. 5 pick in the draft are dead, Sacramento’s formerly finest King still has 11 NBA teams interested in him, according to Jason Jones. Playing out of position (at least in his eyes) this year, Evans wasn’t happy in Sacramento and would like to be somewhere he can run the show and do his mini-LeBron stuff. The team won’t offer him an extension and he’ll instead become a restricted free agent next summer, and of those 11 teams, Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, Golden State, Houston, Toronto, Memphis and Philly are all reportedly interested in trading for him now. Evans has that Ben Gordon outlook right now: He doesn’t care if you trade him to the worst team in the league, as long as he’s not playing off the ball … And as far as draft rumors go, all bets are off. It’s an all-out feeding frenzy right now. Let’s see if we can round it up in a few words: Jerry West wants Dion Waiters, the rest of the Warriors want Andre Drummond … Somehow, it feels like Waiters has promises from half the lottery … Chicago likes Harrison Barnes but won’t trade Luol Deng … Charlotte wants to trade down to take Thomas Robinson. Cleveland wants to trade up for Bradley Beal. Washington wants to trade up and down for either one of them. They’re all trying to out-trade each other … Houston just wants to dance and trade with anyone … The Bobcats are also looking to trade Tyrus Thomas. Wait, no one cares about that one … Then, there’s this: OKC might be looking into trying to obtain Bradley Beal. Andy Katz reports the team met with Beal and Sam Presti actually told the two guard OKC was interested in moving up to get him. This could mean nothing at all, or it could mean OKC is more worried than we thought about eventually paying James Harden and Serge IbakaAmar’e Stoudemire told he’ll now be spending time this summer with Hakeem Olajuwon to learn the nuances of the post game. Between Bryant, Dwight Howard, LeBron and now STAT running to learn from Olajuwon, why doesn’t some team just SIGN the Dream? He could get buckets on 50 percent of the league right now, or at least anyone on New York’s roster … And should NBA fans start saying prayers, asking for Ray Allen to not sign in Miami? We don’t want this to get unfair … We’re out like Lowry.

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