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Jason Kidd’s Double-Clutch Fakes Out Dallas; Brandon Roy Is Back

By 07.05.12

We’re not sure if Minnesota’s biggest move this offseason should be read as inspired or desperate; either way, Brandon Roy is coming back to the league seven months after retiring due to injuries. He still has no cartilage in his knees, but he’s getting a two-year, $10 million deal. Per a report from The Oregonian, that money will come off of what the Trail Blazers will owe him, meaning they now owe him only $24 million through 2014. It isn’t a shock to the system for Blazers fans after Roy, a month ago, announced his wish to play again publicly. After what he’d done for the franchise by leading them out of the Jail Blazers era like Moses from the desert, the fanbase there got attached to him as any city with its young star. His buzzer beater to beat the Rockets from 40 feet still sends chills through the Rose City. So if it’s not expected, it still drives a stake through the heart of those fans. What’s ironic is that Minnesota should have been his home all along after the T-Wolves drafted him. He was traded for Randy Foye. … While we want to see Roy play again — hey, we once gave the guy our cover — we have to wonder about that deal. There are, however, even worse ones out there. Check out these for size. … We’re out like J-Kidd in Dallas.

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