The Top 5 Worst NBA Nicknames

By: 08.07.12

2. Chauncey Billups – “Mr. Big Shot”

There are a couple things wrong here, but mainly it’s the blatant plagiarism. Ever heard of “Big Shot Bob,” also known as Robert Horry? He beat you to it, Chauncey, although you didn’t give yourself this nickname so you’ll get a pass. But whoever came up with this one obviously doesn’t follow basketball, because Robert Horry actually hit a trillion big shots, while Chauncey only took a trillion. Sure, he made a few back when the Pistons were showcasing the “team” concept. But he has an uncanny knack for chucking up three-pointers early in the shot clock as soon as the fourth quarter rolls around, so it’s only a matter of percentages that he’s going to knock some down eventually.

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