The 10 Offseason Moves That Matter More Than You’d Expect

By: 09.28.12

Jamal Crawford

6. Jamal Crawford to the Los Angeles Clippers
Did Crawford exist last year in Portland? I initially really liked the move of him signing with the Blazers, with the thinking he would be a much bigger part of dealing with the heartache of Brandon Roy‘s (short-lived) retirement. I thought wrong. Crawford averaged fewer than 30 MPG, never finding his niche in Portland’s system. He opted out of the final year of his contract worth $5.2 million. The Clippers continue to add depth across the board with the addition of Crawford, though it comes with a cost: The contract is a little on the pricy side, at four years/$21 million. If he plays out the contract he’ll be 36 and most likely headed for retirement. It would have been nice for the Clippers to pick him up a little cheaper. However, their depth at the guard position is going to create problems for a lot of teams when healthy. Crawford will most likely start as Chauncey Billups isn’t expected to return until December from an Achilles injury. Since his Sixth Man of the Year campaign in 2009-10, he’s has been on a slight decline. Playing for the Clippers should motivate him to have a comeback year, and playing alongside CP3 is going to be great for the 12-year veteran.

5.) Raymond Felton to the New York Knicks
Remember when Felton was starting for the Knicks, averaging 17.1 PPG and 9.0 APG playing the best ball of his career and helping New York become relevant in the world of basketball again? Then the Knicks, showing their appreciation, sent him and practically everyone else in a Knick uniform to Denver in exchange for ‘Melo and Billups? The more you think about a particular situation the more able you are to pick it to pieces. Sure, Carmelo is an undisputed All-Star, but if it was about winning basketball games … I’m not sure I agree with what went down. Getting back to present day, I could see either Jason Kidd or Felton starting at the point for NY this season. My gut tells me Kidd will get the nod to start, but Felton will average at least 30 minutes a game. Linsanity was cool and all being an exciting product to watch, but I’ll take a Kidd/Felton PG tandem over a Lin/Bibby duo any day. Felton back to the Knicks is nice fit.

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