Bidding Basketball: How To Be A Superfan In The Southeast Division

By: 10.25.12
Charlotte Bobcats

Charlotte Bobcats (photo. prance27)

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Last season, the Charlotte Bobcats earned (although I use that term very lightly) the dubious distinction of being the worst team in NBA history. The Bobcats finished the lockout-shortened season with a record of 7-59, and a winning percentage of just .106. The mark was .4 percentage points worse than the previous worst record held by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers. Things don’t look much better for the ‘Cats in 2012-13, either. Basketball Prospectus projects the team to win just 19 games, and to rank 29th and 27th in offense and defense respectively this season. Another horrendous season might be enough to, as the old adage goes, drive fans in Charlotte to drink. Bottoms up, Bobcats. (In all seriousness, if you do consume alcohol, please be responsible. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.)

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