The 14 Strangest Fines, Ejections & Suspensions In NBA History

By: 12.03.12

Vladimir Radmanovic

Dallas Mavericks owner and multi-billionaire Mark Cuban has been fined more than any other individual in the history of the NBA. Cuban has literally paid a sizable fortune in fines (and he claims to match every dollar with a donation to charity), including over $1 million during the ’00-01 and ’01-02 seasons alone. The situation really spiraled out of control during November of 2001, when the Mavericks played a tough stretch of four games in five nights. The league fined Cuban three separate times that week, all for comments regarding officials. The punishment was ineffective. In January of 2002, Cuban was fined $500,000 for various remarks, including one in which he stated that he wouldn’t hire league official Ed Rush “to manage a Dairy Queen.” At the time, this represented the largest fine to an individual in NBA history (Cuban shattered the previous record of $250,000, which belonged to himself). It has since been matched multiple times, but is yet to be surpassed. Other notable fines paid by Cuban include $100,000 for sitting on the floor next to the Mavericks bench during a game and another $100,000 for running onto the court to berate officials immediately after a game.

In February of 2007, Vladimir Radmanvic decided he’d like to spend his All-Star break snowboarding in Utah. Vlad Rad had never snowboarded before, and – surprise surprise – he ended up hurting himself. He decided to tell the Lakers, his team at the time, that he’d fallen down due to a patch of ice… which was sort of true, I guess, except he told them he’d been walking across this patch of ice, not snowboarding on it. Snowboarding was prohibited as part of his NBA contract, so the Lakers elected to fine him $500,000. Phil Jackson later called him a “Space Cadet.”

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