6 NBA Contenders That Should Have Jay-Z Anthems This Season

10.22.13 4 years ago

Jay-Z (photo. Nike)

As the season approaches, and it’s ever so close now, some teams –- or more accurately their marketing department –- might be putting together the theme song that’ll encompass the mission of their season. Odds are political correctness or merchandizing rights will play a factor, so your humble columnist (Humble? Good one) has thrown in his own suggestions. Here’s a Jay-Z anthem, for six key teams.

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MIAMI HEAT – “Holy Grail”
A throwback to the power of the Blueprint dynasty with allusions to the early ’90s powerhouse Nirvana, the Miami anthem of the year is all about their own dynastic ambitions. Mixed in is the subtext that too much is never enough from the star, and the fame surrounding it, a thought both LeBron and Wade have had to have these past few years. Also there, shrewdly, is an undercutting of anxiety about the future, which those who fear LeBron leaving Miami undoubtedly share. This is also a collaboration of two superstars, as is their team and as are all dynasty-caliber teams.

NEW YORK KNICKS – “The Heart of The City”
The Carmelo Anthony Knickerbockers are the best team their fans have enjoyed in over a decade. Yet, this is a basketball crazed and championship starved city that looks over at a Brooklyn team that may get a ring first and has appeared in the NBA Finals more in the past 10 years than they have in almost 40 years. ‘Melo is still chasing paper as much as wins, and the coming offseason could be the ultimate choice between both. The slightest hint of Anthony leaving drives Knicks fans straight to either therapy or the bar, depending on their socioeconomic status. A city running on nerves isn’t feeling the love nor is it giving it to the best player they’ve had since the Ewing-Sprewell-Houston days.

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