All 25 Players The Knicks Have Financially Valued More Than Jeremy Lin

By: 07.18.12
Allan Houston

Allan Houston

The New York Knicks refused to match the Houston Rockets’ offer sheet for Jeremy Lin, which totaled $25.1 million over three years. The decision was in part financial, but many have argued that the Knicks could have moved Lin and his $14.8 million expiring contract before the poison pill year kicked in, or at the very least released him after year two via the “stretch provision” and taken $5 million in dead cap space for three seasons following.

James Dolan has never been afraid of the luxury tax before. Although the new CBA makes it particularly punitive, I thought it would be fun to put a list together of every New York Knick who has ever made $8 million or more in one season, which is what Jeremy Lin would have made on average annually (approximately). Yes, Lin’s contract is disjointed, but indulge me, for a moment, as we take a look at players who Dolan has valued more in a pure financial vacuum.

(Keep in mind that the Knicks only had to pay a portion of some of these salaries, as players were acquired in mid-season trades, or payment packages were worked out. Also know that these numbers may not be 100% percent accurate, but they are a very close approximation to a player’s salary. Take the numbers before 1999 as estimates, not exact values. I also might be missing a player here or there, or missed a guy who the Knicks were paying five years after retirement, so bear with me.)

Just to put things in perspective: since the Knicks first payed a player over $8 million in ’95-’96, the salary cap has increased by $42,040,000.

Here’s the list, $8 million per year or more, in ascending chronological order:


Patrick Ewing: $18,724,000


Patrick Ewing: $20,500,000
Larry Johnson: 8,460,714


Patrick Ewing: $18,500,000, prorated salary for 50 games: $11,280,000
Larry Johnson: 10,186,000, prorated salary for 50 games: $6,211,000
Latrell Sprewell: 8,300,000, prorated salary for 50 games: $5,060,500


Patrick Ewing: $15,000,000
Larry Johnson: $11,910,714
Latrell Sprewell: $9,000,000
Allan Houston: $8,000,000


Larry Johnson: $11,000,000
Latrell Sprewell: $10,125,000
Allan Houston: $9,000,000


Allan Houston: $12,750,000
Larry Johnson: $11,335,714 (retired 10/2001)
Latrell Sprewell: $11,250,000


Allan Houston: $14,343,750
Antonio McDyess: $12,600,000
Latrell Sprewell: $12,375,000
Larry Johnson: $9,610,714


Allan Houston: $15,937,500
Antonio McDyess: $13,500,000
Keith Van Horn: $13,279,750

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Allan Houston: $17,531,250
Anfernee Hardaway: $14,625,000
Stephon Marbury: $14,625,000
Tim Thomas: $12,900,000


Allan Houston: $19,125,000 (retired 10/17)
Stephon Marbury: $16,453,125
Anfernee Hardaway: $15,750,000
Antonio Davis: $13,925,000
Maurice Taylor: $9,100,000
Shandon Anderson: $7,900,000 (released 11/10/2004) – I know this TECHNICALLY is $100,000 short, but I felt it necessary to include big Shandon.


Stephon Marbury: $17,184,375
Steve Francis: $15,070,000
Jalen Rose: $14,601,500 (released 10/30/2006)
Eddy Curry: $8,171,103


Stephon Marbury: $19,012,500
Zach Randolph: $13,333,333
Eddy Curry: $8,947,543
Quentin Richardson: $8,105,500


Stephon Marbury: $20,840,625
Larry Hughes: $12,827,676
Eddy Curry: $9,723,983
Al Harrington: $9,226,250
Cuttino Mobley: $9,100,000 (retired that season)
Quentin Richardson: $8,685,500


Tracy McGrady: $22,483,124
Eddy Curry: $10,500,423
Al Harrington: $10,026,875
Cuttino Mobley: $9,500,000


Carmelo Anthony: $17,149,243
Amar’e Stoudemire: $16,486,611
Chauncey Billups: $13,150,000
Eddy Curry: $11,276,863 (traded in ‘Melo deal)


Carmelo Anthony: $18,518,574
Amar’e Stoudemire: $18,217,705
Chauncey Billups: $14,200,000 (did not count against the cap since he was amnestied)
Tyson Chandler: $13,107,838


Carmelo Anthony: $20,463,024
Amar’e Stoudemire: $19,948,799
Tyson Chandler: $13,604,188


Carmelo Anthony: $22,407,474
Amar’e Stoudemire: $21,679,893
Tyson Chandler: $14,100,538


Carmelo Anthony: $24,351,924
Amar’e Stoudemire: $23,410,988
Tyson Chandler: $14,596,888

Really big h/t to Patricia Bender

h/t Sham Sports, Inside Hoops

What is the worst contract in Knicks’ history?

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