Blazers Close to Screwing This Up

11.29.08 9 years ago
Greg OdenGreg doesn’t need to be treated like a baby

After seeing THIS today, and THIS two weeks ago, I’m officially worried about the Portland Trail Blazers.

They have a very talented, very young team with a likable roster with international appeal. And they’re good (11-6 as of last night). So why do they so seem desperate to tinker with their roster? Why am I seeing that they’re thinking of making a deal for Mike Conley? Has he shown that he’s any better than Steve Blake? I don’t think so. Actually, I know so. If they make that trade, the entire world will think they’re babying Greg Oden by orchestrating a deal that doesn’t make them better just to bring in Greg’s best friend.

Why are there even rumors about Mike Bibby? Yes, to get to the next level, this team probably needs a top-flight point guard. But with all due respect to Mike, his best days are well behind him. Call me crazy, but if you subbed Bibby in place of Blake right now, I’m not entirely sure the Blazers would be noticeably better.

Portland has plenty of attractive trading chips – Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster, Sergio Rodriguez (who wants out anyway), or even a guy like Nicolas Batum – they don’t need to settle. If the season is progressing and they’re still in the hunt and they think they’re one very good veteran PG away making a real run at the trade deadline, then go get that right guy.

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