Chris Douglas-Roberts Discusses Practicing With Kobe Bryant

10.27.13 4 years ago

Former University of Memphis standout Chris Douglas-Roberts, revealed an anecdote — one of many, we’ve heard over the years — detailing what it’s like to be matched up against Kobe Bryant for a 1-on-1 drill during training camp with the Lakers.

Douglas-Roberts signed a training camp contract with the Knicks earlier in October, but was just released. Regardless of his future in the league, the 6-7 guard took some time last night to write a brief description of practicing with Kobe Bean Bryant in training camp before last season began. Then-coach Mike Brown matched CDR against Kobe in a 1-on-1 drill. Kobe was throwing elbows and doing everything he could to win, including taking full advantage of intimidated Lakers practice refs. We’ll let Roberts explain [sic not included]:

“A lot of ppl wondered why Bean spoke so highly of me last yr. First day of camp Mike Brown tried to throw me in the fire right away. Made me & Bean 1 on 1 partners for the whole first practice. What Mike Brown didn’t know is that’s what I was waiting for. That whole day we went head up. At one point it damn near came to blows bc Bean will do anything for an edge. So he was elbowing me on the low for separation & I couldn’t let that go as a competitor. As a man. The refs were too scared to call the foul bc he was intimidating them all practice. But at then end it was all love. The respect is mutual. Gave me some pointers that are priceless. It’s a misconception on Bean. Ppl think he’s a sucker…hard to play with. It’s just that he expects the most of his teammates bc he works so hard. Easily realist hooper I’ve met. He never lies and I respect that. #ClosestThingtoJordan #HeNeverSleepsEither#ImOut”

So he’s the closest thing to [Michael] Jordan, he never sleeps, he intimidates referees at Lakers practice, and he never lies. Seems to align with everything we hear about Mamba.

CDR’s future is uncertain, but after failing to make the Lakers’ roster last season in training camp, he caught on with Dallas for 6 games. So maybe he’ll find a team to take a chance on him with a 10-day contract, or maybe Bean can get him another shot with the Lakers.

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