Clippers’ Matt Barnes Apologizes For His Tweet Like A Mensch

11.14.13 4 years ago
Matt Barnes, Serge Ibaka

Matt Barnes, Serge Ibaka (photo. Instagram/matt_barnes9)

It feels rare when NBA players hold themselves accountable for their actions in such a direct way. While Twitter exposed Matt Barnesvortex of emotions last night following his ejection from the Thunder-Clippers matchup at Staples Center, it also provided a palliative medium for him to apologize and take ownership of his mistake.

Barnes took to his Twitter account this afternoon to string together a long, well thought-out apology for his earlier tweet — now since deleted — where he threw his teammates under the bus.

In the apology, Barnes alludes to a common practice among celebrities: they claim their Twitter accounts have been hacked in order to extinguish the residue of a flammable tweet they — in actuality — impulsively sent. Barnes takes full responsiblity for his tweet like a mensch, and while it’s unfortunate he let his emotions spill out on Twitter for everyone to see, this apology was a nice way to atone for the mistake. Keep doing you Matt Barnes.

Also, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne published an excellent piece about Barnes’ complicated history with race since a lot of people seem to have gotten worked up about his use of the pejorative “n***a” in the tweet (thanks to @NFLGoodwitch for bringing the article to our attention).


What do you think of Barnes’ apology?

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