Clippers Protest Donald Sterling Before Game 4 As Other Notables Respond

04.27.14 3 years ago
Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers (photo. @madelynburke)

Before the Los Angeles Clippers tipped off against the Golden State Warriors today, they had undergone a team meeting about possibly boycotting the game in light of owner Donald Sterling‘s alleged comments captured by TMZ and further audio revealed by Deadspin. Instead, they’re playing — which is brave in its own right — and revealed their own form of protest before the game.

The entire Clippers took off their jackets and placed them at mid-court during warm-ups before Game 4 at Oracle Arena. They revealed team t-shirts that had been turned backwards (for Sterling’s alleged backward thinking) and inside out so the team’s logo and name were not visible. They Clippers are playing for each other and their coach today, NOT for their owner.




Find out how the Clippers, Magic, LeBron, Kobe, President Barack Obama and others responded to the purported Sterling audio…

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