Coach Kobe To World Peace: Save The World By Kicking Some Butt

04.18.12 6 years ago
Ron Artest

Ron Artest, Dime #21

Losing the unnecessary weight and getting in shape couldn’t be the whole story. To go from averaging 3.6 points and shooting under 28 percent in January to 14.3 points a night in his last 10 games had to take more than just a diet. We needed an explanation from Metta World Peace. How are you doing it? But instead of World Peace explaining himself, Kobe Bryant did and now he’s getting the credit with saving the Lakers’ small forward from what would’ve been the worst season of World Peace’s career.

According to, Bryant explained his advice like this:

“I said ‘Metta do you know, first of all World Peace is a hot name, it’s a dope name.’ …. ‘Some people believe for us to achieve world peace the only way that can be achieved is through sheer will & through force of nature so sometimes you just have to go & conquer the territory & that’s when you establish world peace.’ He’s like ‘huh?’ I said ‘man you go out there and kick butt and then establish order.'”

Maybe Coach Kobe really is some type of genius because I’m not sure how that pep speech could save anyone. Phil Jackson would probably appreciate it, but I’m not sure how it would inspire anyone else. It worked though. As much as Andrew Bynum‘s improvement and the play of Ramon Sessions have helped steer the Lakers towards another championship opportunity, it’s been the on-court engagement of the old Ron Artest that’s helped turn this year around.

Are you surprised by how World Peace is playing?

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