CP3 for MVP

03.20.08 10 years ago 16 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONCP3 (photo. David Deal)

The Hornets management is using cyberspace to make the case that Kobe and LeBron aren’t in a two-horse race for MVP. In all fairness, Chris Paul has been nothing short of incredible this season, clearly separating himself from the League’s point guards. But can anyone argue with what Kobe and LeBron have done with far less convincing supporting casts?

But if you’re on the baby-faced assassin’s bandgwagon, head over to CP3MVP.com and make the short video explaining why he’s the MVP. Not only will you earn 15 seconds of fame, but if a panel of judges thinks yours is the best, you can win limo service to meet CP3 before sitting in two floor seats to watch N.O. decimate the Clippers.

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