James Harden Ends Dallas’ Title Defense; Chris Paul Is A Monster

05.06.12 6 years ago
James Harden

James Harden (photo. Nicky Woo)

Thank you James Harden. With Dallas in danger of extending the inevitable, – OKC in the second round – the super sub stepped up and destroyed the defending champs down the stretch. Harden finished with 29 points in the Thunder’s six-point win to complete the sweep, and was so good, everyone forgot about KD (24 points, 11 rebounds) and Westbrook in crunch time. Dirk Nowitzki (34 points) was struggling to hold Dallas’ once 13-point fourth quarter lead as OKC hit them with a 12-0 run, which including one spurt where Westbrook had two straight steals, leading to big dunks from Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka. Eventually, it spread to a 21-5 run and Durant was in everyone’s face during a timeout to end the series. … One thing does need to be said. We heard a lot of this last night: “If Harden was on another team, he could easily average 25 a game!!!” Um, y’all realize only four players in the entire world averaged at least 25 points a game this year? FOUR. Kobe, Durant, LeBron James and Kevin Love. We love the Beard, but he ain’t that nice. His own teammate, Westbrook, averaged 23.6, and now you suddenly believe the Beard could drop 25 every night? Stop … Jason Terry has always been superstitious, almost to the point of annoying. The dude wears enough socks to outfit an entire village, and before last night’s Game 4, he told CBSSports.com: “I broke every broom in the house. That’s a little superstition, so I don’t think there will be any sweeps going on … We’re going to try the black suit thing – the funeral. And we just hope it’s not ours.” Back to the drawing board, JET … Before we salute Indiana on a 3-1 lead (in all honesty, they really should’ve swept), show some respect to the Magic. Without Dwight Howard, they look like a bunch of junkyard parts thrown together on a whim, and are relying on none other than Big Baby Davis. And down 19 with only eight minutes left, they came storming back yesterday.. all the while Larry Bird was standing behind the Pacers bench ready to suit up and start talking some junk to Big Baby. If it wasn’t for two enormous jump shots from George Hill (12 points), the Magic would’ve pulled off one of the better comeback since Robert Downey Jr. J.J. Redick banged a triple with 38 seconds left to send it to overtime. Even in OT, David West (26 points, 12 rebounds) destroyed Hedo Turkoglu on the block, and still Jameer Nelson tied it at 95 after a three-point play with under two minutes left. In the end, Indiana held on to win, 101-99 after Davis missed a J and fell into the bench. Don’t blame him though. Davis (24 points, 11 rebounds) was dominating off the pick-n-roll. But in fact, the Magic could’ve brought back out 46-year-old Rony Seikaly and he would’ve dominated. Indiana couldn’t stop it. In the fourth quarter alone, Davis got open dunks on three possessions … At one point in the second half, Redick and Hansbrough got into it with Redick slapping the air and Psycho T barely moving. Some UNC/Duke bad blood perhaps? Either way, we’re not sure why anyone would want to mess with Hansbrough. What can you do against a dude who doesn’t fear his own blood/getting mashed in the face? … Keep reading to hear about CP3’s MVP-like performance …

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