Kevin Durant Steals Hearts in Philly; Michael Jordan names his MVP

03.10.11 7 years ago 62 Comments
Kevin Durant
Why, KD? Why? Count on Kevin Durant and the Thunder to screw up a perfectly good story. With Philly leading OKC for almost the entire game, we were all set to officially jump on the Sixers’ bandwagon until Oklahoma City came back to send the game into overtime, where they ended up winning by five. Durant (34 points, 16 rebounds) was a force of nature and had five straight points to end regulation, including a curl three to tie it with three seconds left. There wasn’t a whole lot Andre Iguodala could do to handle Durant, even coming off his destruction of Danny Granger on Tuesday night. The Philly color guys crooned, “With all respect to Danny Granger, this is not Danny Granger. This is a guy on another planet.” Between Durant and Russell Westbrook (27 points, 12 rebounds), Philly could never get the momentum back in the extra session. It’s hard to beat a team that has two superheroes … No one is talking about this Sixers team. They jumped out 12-2 to start the game, the run highlighted by Iguodala cramming on Serge Ibaka. And Lou Williams (22 points) took it back to South Gwinnett High School with 13 fourth-quarter points. This guy is like a mini-KD. He seems to get every call (10 free throws last night) and actually leads the Sixers in free throw attempts despite not even starting … The Knicks must be having fun with Carmelo Anthony, who hit the game-winner in a two-point win over the Grizzlies. Amar’e Stoudemire (26 points) and Anthony (31 points) were playing “make it, take it.” One possession, they would iso Amar’e on the wing. Camelo, you want it? Okay, next time down come off a screen for an open J. It went like that the whole first half as the Knicks ran up 61 points on 62 percent shooting. ‘Melo and Amar’e dropped 36 of those. Before last night, the Grizzlies had been playing so well on defense. Yet, the Knicks had them looking hapless. In the second half, the ball stopped moving for New York and Memphis came crawling back. It got interesting after Darrell Arthur (21 points) lost his mind for a second and slammed all over Jared Jeffries for a three-point play in the final minute. After a Zach Randolph (20 points, 11 rebounds) three-point play tied it, it came down to that new guy. ‘Melo got an isolation on the wing against Tony Allen (22 points) and one-dribble-pull-up’d him into submission for the game-winning bucket. NBATV host Dennis Scott afterwards: “There’s a bully in the house!” … Throughout the night, Clyde Frazier was calling Randolph “Gazebo.” … Read More: The Clippers shock the Celtics in Boston, Michael Jordan names his MVP, and Kim Kardashian walks out of the Nets game …

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