LeBron James Gets Carded At Bar While Watching The Orange Bowl

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LeBron James

LeBron James ( Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

Despite four MVP awards in the last five seasons, back-to-back championships with the Miami Heat and more commercials than you can shake out of mid-80s Michael Jordan, LeBron James is not excused from the power trip of America’s bartenders. As someone that’s older than James, but with a baby face, I can understand, but LeBron James has looked like a grown man since he was 18. Still, he was carded on Saturday night in Orlando.

Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald reports:

LeBron James, who is eight years above the legal drinking limit at 29, was carded at an Orlando hotel bar Friday night while watching the Orange Bowl.

James didn’t tell the employee who he was but was surprised to be carded. “Look at my beard!” he said.

And Ethan J. Skolnick of Bleacher Report follows up on Twitter:

Listen, we’ve all been there, but James should look at this as a positive; I know I do every time I get carded for cigarettes and R-rated movies (seriously, I look young). If someone is asking for your ID, you’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth, which shouldn’t be considered a negative. Every time I’ve been asked to show ID after turning 21, I smile and take it as a compliment.

Despite James’ befuddlement and probable embarrassment, it can’t be as bad as the bartender who performed the ID check and realized it was LeBron James. How this bartender didn’t realize someone standing 6-8, 250 pounds with a receding hairline and a pretty full beard was legally allowed to drink, is incredible — and says a lot about the observational skills of the bartender in question. But we haven’t tended bar in a few years. When we did, we doubt we would have ask for ‘Bron’s ID, except as a lark.

[Miami Herald; h/t BYB]

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