NBA Power Rankings: A Top 10 Takes Shape

04.15.13 5 years ago
Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (photo. D.L. Anderson)

Ranking the NBA from worst to first…

30. Charlotte Bobcats (19-61)
Last week: 30, –
Maybe this is the year that they finally win the lottery. Unfortunately there doesn’t look to be any superstar prospects coming out. Classic Bobcats.

29. Phoenix Suns (24-56)
Last week: 29, –
No matter how bad Phoenix plays, the Suns’ Gorilla always brings his best to the arena and that’s incredibly important.

28. Detroit Pistons (28-52)
Last week: 28, –
Brandon Knight has been publically embarrassed more times this year than most players are in their entire career. We should start a Knight charity. He needs our help. Band together!

27. Philadelphia 76ers (33-47)
Last week: 25, -2
Andrew Bynum missed the Sixers team pictures this week. That makes perfect sense.

26. New Orleans Hornets (27-54)
Last week: 26, –
We are so close to being able to call them the New Orleans Pelicans and I can hardly wait. I hope they have live pelicans flying around the arena at all times. It’s the right thing to do.

25. Orlando Magic (20-60)
Last week: 27, +2
Rob Hennigan worked with the Spurs and Thunder before becoming the GM of the Magic. He learned from the best and now after just one season in Orlando, he’s made their young core one of the best in the league. I believe in Bobby (I also call him Bobby) (we’re very good friends).

24. Toronto Raptors (32-48)
Last week: 24, –
I didn’t like the Rudy Gay trade when it happened and I still don’t like it. The next four years will be incredibly average in Toronto.

23. Portland Trail Blazers (33-47)
Last week: 22, -1
Cool 11-game losing streak, Portland! Finish strong!

22. Cleveland Cavaliers (24-56)
Last week: 23, +1
Kyrie Irving is great and fun and a joy to watch. But it would be super neat if he could develop at least some defensive instincts this summer. It’s the major weakness in his game.

21. Sacramento Kings (28-52)
Last week: 21, –
The Kings have been competitive over the past few weeks. They just lack the consistency needed to win close games.

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