The NBA’s 10 Most Exciting Players

03.03.14 4 years ago
Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin

Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin (Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports)

Basketball has evolved into more than a sporting game; it is a source of entertainment. The late and great owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Dr. Jerry Buss, envisioned the platform and reach of basketball as much more than a sport. Thus, “Showtime” was created in the ’80s, and basketball has never been the same. Players in today’s game provide countless spectacles that thrill the fans, drawing them to come back to see more every night.

Thanks to innovations like NBA League Pass, basketball fans are able to watch any and every game. Whether it’s displays of phenomenal scoring, moments of athletic, acrobatic dunks, or insane dimes, some players have the ability to capture the viewer’s attention even when the ball isn’t in their hands.

The following list is not about ranking the best players; it is about the players that draw viewers in the most and provide the most thrilling moments right now in the NBA. With that said, who are the ten most exciting players to watch this season? Let’s find out.

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Next In Line: James Harden, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard

10. Carmelo Anthony
The New York Knicks are a train wreck this season. Off-court distractions, player behavior, and the hot seat of coach Mike Woodson are just the headlining problems facing the historic franchise this year. Yet Carmelo Anthony presents the most intriguing and interesting storyline for New York this season. While the question of “will he stay or will he go?” strengthens each day the NBA gets closer to free agency, ‘Melo continues to put on shows of incredible scoring feats.

Anthony has long been regarded as one of the best pure scorers in the game, if not the best. Every basketball fan was glued to the TV in January as ‘Melo set the franchise record for scoring with 62 points, surpassing Bernard King‘s 60-point feat in 1984, and also breaking the scoring record at Madison Square Garden set by Kobe Bryant. As long as he continues putting the ball in the bucket at a high rate, ‘Melo will draw in viewers who want to be entertained by the scoring machine, even if that is the only reason to watch the Knicks this season.

9. Chris Paul
The vast majority of basketball fans consider Chris Paul the best point guard in the NBA. There isn’t much CP3 can’t do, as his all-around game poses a threat to every opponent. Watching Paul on the court is like watching an orchestrator arrange and control his orchestra. Paul may not got the crowd to their feet with marvelous displays of athleticism like Blake Griffin, but nine times out of ten, he is the one responsible for setting up those thrilling plays.

CP3 is equipped with the clutch gene and arguably the game’s best basketball I.Q. These qualities allow his mind-numbing myriad of passing and playmaking skills to shine under the bright lights of Los Angeles. Paul will find the smallest lane and find a way to take advantage. Whether he is throwing a beautiful lob, nailing a clutch shot, setting up a timely play off the ball, or showing off his renowned dribbling skills, CP3 sure knows how to electrify the crowd.

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