Rick Carlisle Is The Best Coach In The NBA. Discuss.

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Rick Carlisle

Rick Carlisle

During Game 6 in Dallas last night, Jeff Van Gundy said “the best predictor of future behavior is prior acts.” (I went back to my DVR at midnight and fast-forwarded through almost the entire first half to find the exact quote.)

Why did I waste 30 minutes of my life searching for this?

Because Rick Carlisle has coached three teams in the NBA, and he always makes them better. A lot better (see the below graphic). And don’t let the seemingly failed stint in Indiana fool you. Were it not for the Malice at the Palace in 2004, the Pacers had a legit shot at a title. He also got hosed by Detroit, which won the trophy the very next season. Until Dirk un-softened this season, Carlisle never coached a phenom. Popovich had Duncan. Jackson had Shaq & Kobe. Riley had Shaq & Wade. Rivers had KG.

Rick Carlisle

Back to the JVG quote.

Carlise’s “prior acts” are consistent and impressive. Assuming Dirk can play at this level for one or two more seasons, and Mark Cuban keeps spending money, his future looks bright. Keep in mind, Carlisle is only 51. It seems quite plausible Carlisle retires with 1,000-plus wins and a couple trophies.

A few more random notes from last night:
Tyson Chandler‘s grandfather’s name is Cleophis Threadgill, which, obvi, demands a sub-conversation about the best grandfather-names of all time.
Mark Jackson is surgical with his 15-second-slow-highlight-kick-it-to-commercial-on-a-catchy-note commentaries.
Juwan Howard, the last and most worthy of the Fab Five, might get a ring.
– JVG bats about .250 when it comes to witticism, and the above quote shouldn’t distract from his general inanity. Another gem from last night: JVG requested a DVD compilation of every jumper in Dirk’s career.

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