The Knicks/Clippers Trade Might Not Go Through

11.25.08 9 years ago
Cuttino MobleyCuttino Mobley

I thought that Austin was dead right last night when he e-mailed that “Zach [Randolph] can’t play because not everyone involved in the trade has taken their physicals yet. I GUARANTEE it’s that lazy f***** Tim Thomas. Just get to the doctor and let Z-Bo commence to putting up the numbers you never could in L.A.”

Though a great hypothesis, it turns out that the reason that no one involved in that trade has suited up is because of Cuttino Mobley. Supposedly, the Knicks are concerned with Mobley’s heart – an issue that surfaced back when the Rockets tested him. However, his condition didn’t stop them from giving him a six-year $31 million deal.

“[A] source said that the Knicks raised the concerns about Mobley and have yet to sign off on the deal as a result.

“He’s never had any issue with us,” said Mike Dunleavy, Sr. “There’s never been one time that he’s missed a practice, missed a game or from any physical of any kind has any issues so I don’t really know. From the standpoint of all of our guys and all of their medicals, there hasn’t been any issues for us. I’ve been told by our doctors that the things of concern is not something that we haven’t known about or had any issues with.”

If the Knicks aren’t satisfied with Mobley’s physical, they could hold this trade up – or possibly veto it. There’s really not much good that could come out of this trade for New York, so why wouldn’t they hold it up?


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