Video: Russell Westbrook’s Backboard Continuation Shot

05.22.12 6 years ago

.Russell Westbrook

If there’s a better clip that exemplifies how Oklahoma City was rolling in Game 5, its close-out win over the Lakers, I’d like to see it. A season ago Russell Westbrook and his shots (specifically, his volume of shots) were to blame for the Thunder’s playoff exit. This year, because of shots like this, he’s a catalyst for their surge.

Westbrook set up the shot when he stole Ramon Sessions‘ pass to Kobe Bryant by stepping into the passing lane. Fifteen feet from the hoop Sessions fouled him but didn’t keep him from getting an underhand flip shot off. Its bank into the hoop was only slightly more improbable than some of the shots pulled off in that old Jordan-Bird commercial where they were shooting for fast food.

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