Yao Ming Sued By A Fan Over Ineffective Fish Oil Pills

05.16.14 3 years ago
Yao Ming

Yao Ming (Danny La- USA TODAY Sports)

Yao Ming retired in 2011 after eight seasons with the Houston Rockets. He was one of the best centers in the league, but foot and ankle injuries forced him to walk away from the game. Yao has been keeping busy since retirement, and he was in the news again yesterday when a fan decided to sue him for a fish oil pill he endorses in China.

Via Asia One News, a Beijing resident named Feng Changshun is suing Baxsun Pharmacy for selling a fish oil pill he calls misleading. Feng suffers from occasional memory loss and poor eyesight, and was told by sales people at the pharmacy the fish oil pill would fix his issues. Instead, he found out that the pill was simply a health food, and not medicine.

Feng is suing both the pharmacy and Yao, who is an endorser of the fish oil pill. Feng said he is seeking 500 yuan ($100.14 US) from the retail chain and 0.01 yuan from Yao.

Changshun explains the reasoning behind the lawsuit:

“According to the handout, the product could help ease my sufferings. I adore Yao and I decided to buy the product to support him…The lawsuit is symbolic. I want Yao Ming to admit to infringements of my rights.”

So yes, it’s not just North America where we throw lawsuits at everything, turns out Beijing is in on that trend too.

(Asia One News; H/T Deadspin)

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