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When you’ve been internationally known for your swarthy sex appeal for 30 years like Al Pacino, it’s probably hard not to rely on your olive-oil charm to get you out of any situation.  But as this video, entitled “Al Touchino” demonstrates, is he overdoing it?  Has Al Pacino become our touchy, creepy Uncle André?  Maybe Al’s hands are like grandma’s perfume — she gets so used to the smell that she starts practically bathing in the stuff, so by the time she hits 75, if you’re even in the same restaurant you won’t be able to taste your food.  It’s like that, but with Al Pacino’s hands on your tits.  Also: his hair seems to get poofier whenever he’s agitated, like one of those lizards with the neck frills, or George Lucas’ throat pouch.

[By BrianPalmer via Urlesque]

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