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Fox Searchlight just released a new batch of pics from Choke, the Chuck Palahniuk adaptation from newbie director Clark Gregg opening September 26th. 

I’ve seen the movie twice now, and I’m pretty sure the photo above comes from a scene which was not included in film festival cut of the movie. Clark Gregg filmed Palahniuk’s original ending to the book, but the scene didn’t play as expected, and it was cut from the final film. Could this mean that the original ending has been reinserted into the film? Or is the photo above from another moment in the film which I might be completely forgetting? [/film]

In the book, one of the characters has an obsession with building things out of stones.  While I can offer you no insight into whether the scene did indeed make the final cut of the film, I can tell you that all this talk of reinserting things into the movie’s end is gettin me all hot. 

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