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02.08.10 22 Comments

(New pickup line: “Do you know how hard Dolph Lundgren can hit?”  “How hard?”  “Hard enough to break the ice.”)

Dolph Lundgren, who’s experiencing something of a career resurgence of late with parts in The Expendables, Universal Soldier: Regeneration, and Command Performance, was on hand to perform at the Melodifestivalen in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden last week.  As you can see in the video below, he not only smashed boards and played a drum solo, but sang the Junkie XL Elvis cover “Little Less Conversation” in the voice of Bigfoot from the Howard Stern Show*.

The flamboyant singing and dancing fest was a clear winner in last week’s television audience ratings, beating Antikrundan — the Swedish version of the Antiques Roadshow — into second place on 2.1 million. [via]

Time out, the highest-rated show on Swedish television was Antiques F*cking Roadshow?  Jesus, Sweden.  You may have hot blondes, universal healthcare, unmatched literacy, life expectancy, and quality of life, but… at what cost?

Tragically, during the encore, a møøse bit his sister.

*Ha, aren’t I hilarious, four people who got that reference?

[hat tip: CHUD]

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