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As much as I’m a bile-spewing hatemonger, there are three things I’ll rarely ridicule: Bill Murray, Steve Carrell, and Anne Hathaway.  Now the Get Smart remake has all three. 

In Get Smart, Carell plays Maxwell Smart, a useless spy who works for the CONTROL agency. He’s assisted by the comely Agent 99 (Hathaway) and the hulking Agent 23 (The Rock). Sci-Fi Wire spoke to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson recently and he talked about his character and Murray’s appearance.

"[Mine is] a brand new character that we created for the story," said Johnson. "Agent 23 is Control’s greatest agent and I am Steve Carell’s best friend in the movie. We’ve got a whole bunch of cameos. Bill Murray has a cameo".  [Empire]

But yeah, Anne Hathaway.  She gives me a real "The Rock" Johnson.  (Scheduled for June 2008)

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