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From an article entitled, "’Hairspray’ director to Travolta foes: you’re grumpy!":

On the eve of the DVD release for hit musical Hairspray, director Adam Shankman has some advice for moviegoers who stayed away from theaters because they dared not dream of John Travolta playing a woman.  Shankman’s advice: quit being such grumps.

"It’s a shame because they were missing out on something that was going to give them a shot in their day," Shankman told Reuters.  "It was an awfully grumpy and surly attitude."

He’s right.  It’s silly to avoid Hairspray because Travolta in drag is creepy. Especially when there are so many other valid reasons.   Like the fact that Shankman’s last three films were Cheaper by the Dozen 2, The Pacifier, and Bringing Down the House, for instance.  Or that it was a film based on a play based on a film.  Still, I’ll be the first to admit that if I was one of the seven dwarves, I’d be Surly.  And if I was one of the three stooges, we’d be Larry, Moe, and Surly.  And if I was a Donovan song, I’d be "Surly-Burly Man".  And if I was a 1991 John Hughes movie starring Jim Belushi, I’d be Surly Sue.  And if I were an aging actress who believed in reincarnation, i’d be Surly Maclaine.  And if I were a proverb, I’d be "The Surly Bird Gets the Worm."  And if I were Patricia Arquette’s character in True Romance, I’d be Alabama Surly.  And – [those responsible have been sacked.]

I also like how the Reuters headline writers tried to make him look extra fruity.   

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