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05.13.09 18 Comments

I’ve mentioned already that I thought Star Trek was awesome, but one thing that seemed off about it to me and many others was the scene in which young Kirk goes joyriding in a hot rod (you can see the scene at the beginning of the first trailer). In the car, Kirk pops in a tape of ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys – an odd choice of music for a kid living in the 24th century.

Topless Robot offers a possible explanation: ‘Sabotage’ was a reference to Shatner’s infamous mispronunciation of the word sabotage (when Bill says it, it rhymes with ‘badge’) as in the clip above. It actually seems plausible.  This sound clip is pretty famous, and if you listen to Howard Stern you’ve probably heard it a few times.  Still, I think it’s a little too subtle to be an effective diss.  I think a better way to do it would’ve been, at some point in the movie, to have Kirk turn to Spock and say:

KIRK: Spock! I think they’ve sabo-tadged us!
SPOCK: Did you just say ‘sabo-tadge’?
KIRK: Yes. That’s how I pronounce it.
SPOCK:  What are you, a f*cking idiot?

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