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03.23.10 25 Comments

God, why can’t this be a real movie?  Funny or Die has done some reasonably funny stuff in the past, but this fake trailer for a Weird Al Yankovic biopic from Aaron Paul is the feather in their cap, or some other metaphor that doesn’t make them seem like covetous wood nymphs.  Not to suck them off too hard, it’s kind of hard to go wrong with this cast: Mary Steenburgen, Gary Cole, Olivia Wilde, Paul Scheer — and I swear I’m being 100% serious, if I die before Patton Oswalt, I would like him to deliver my eulogy in character as Dr. Demento.  Wow.  Dr. Demento.  If you’ll excuse me for a minute, some really awkward childhood memories just came flooding back.

We should really bring back the top hat.  Have you ever seen someone who didn’t look bad ass in a top hat?  Even a hobo wearing one with the lid coming off, you can’t help but think to yourself, “This guy seems legit.”

[Thanks to Burnsy for the tip]

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