The 10 Best Video Game Podcasts Right Now For Every Gaming Fanatic

08.08.16 1 year ago 12 Comments
best gaming podcasts right now


Last Updated: August 8th

Is playing games, reading about games and watching game trailers and streams just not enough for you? Do you also need to listen to other folks talk about video games? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. We all need a little distraction during those long workdays, and often podcasts can introduce us to a different, more personal side of our favorite video game writers and developers.

As somebody who spends around 10 hours a day in front of the computer with some sort of gaming chatter usually playing in the background, I feel like I’m particularly well-qualified to point people toward the 10 best gaming podcasts. So, here’s the funniest, most informative and just plain nerdiest video game podcasts to get you through your sadly gameless workday…

8-4 Play

Like Japanese video games and culture? Well, the hosts of 8-4 Play liked it so much they moved there, founding a localization company that’s helped bring games in the Mario, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania series (to name just a few) to English-speaking audiences. Led by hosts Mark MacDonald and Chris Ricciardi, 8-4 Play is an always engaging and fascinating inside look at the Japanese gaming scene and culture.

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