New Nintendo 3DS

The Non-Giant Version Of The New Nintendo 3DS Is Finally Coming To North America

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Prefer your portables not be XL? Well, the regular-sized New 3DS is finally coming west.

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Why Gamers Are Angry At Jimmy Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel has stirred up the gamer hornet's nest... all in service to a badly done joke.


This New ‘Gotham’ Season Two Clip Might Actually Make You Like Barbara

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Yes, we said Barbara. 'Gotham' has actually given her something to do! We're shocked as well.


Marvel Studios Now Reports Directly To Disney: Why Nerds Should Be Concerned

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Disney just took control of Marvel Studios... and that's not good news for nerds.

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Here’s The ‘Suicide Squad’ And ‘Dirty Dozen’ Mashup Trailer The Internet Needs

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If there was ever any doubt over 'Suicide Squad' influences, this mashup trailer should put them to rest.

#Batman V Superman

Michael Shannon Clears The Confusion About His ‘Batman V Superman’ Flipper Hands

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Michael Shannon says he was surprised people believed his story about 'flippers' on the 'Batman V Superman' set.


Andrew Garfield Laments That Pleasing Everyone As Spider-Man Was Like ‘Canning Coke’

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Andrew Garfield talks about the pressure of pleasing everyone while playing Spiderman was akin to "canning Coke."


Here’s Why ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ And ‘Captain Marvel’ Might Shoot In Australia

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With the success the Australian production of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales', Marvel might be scouting locations.

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Who Makes Spider-Man’s Web Shooters In ‘Captain America: Civil War?’

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The latest rumor about Spider-Man's costume in 'Captain America: Civil War' reveals a few more details about what it includes.

#The Flash

‘The Flash’ Taps Tony Todd To Voice DC Villain Zoom In Season Two

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'The Flash' has tapped horror icon Tony Todd to voice the DC Comics villain Zoom in the show's second season.

deus ex: mankind divided

‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ Has A Release Date And An Odd, Kickstarter-Inspired Pre-Order Program


Square-Enix is locking its 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' pre-order rewards behind tiers for, uh, some reason.

#WWE 2K16

Check Out 19 New ‘WWE 2K16’ Wrestlers And Brock Lesnar’s Intimidating Entrance Video

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The Undertaker, Rock and battle-ready Stephanie McMahon highlight this week's 'WWE 2K16' roster reveal.

Five Games

Five Games: ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

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'Metal Gear Solid V' and 'Mad Max' both hit on one of the biggest gaming weeks of the year.


How Your Air Conditioning Is Causing Hotter Summer Nights

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Ironically, for all air conditioning improves the indoors, it makes the outdoors a lot less pleasant.

#The Hulk

The Original Inspiration For The Hulk Was A Woman Rescuing Her Baby

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Another example of why the best comic book characters have nothing to do with super powers.


The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones Is Very, Very Angry That People Like Terry Pratchett

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The Guardian's fine art critic is very angry you like Terry Pratchett, because... um... he doesn't?

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A ‘Golden Axe’ Movie Might Be Coming To Theaters

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Universal might be creating a 'Golden Axe' movie, for, uh, reasons?