#Jurassic World

The D-Rex Is ‘Killing For Sport’ In The New ‘Jurassic World’ TV Spot


Did you hear that first bit of dialogue between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard's characters?


Scientists Just Discovered 30 New Species Of Flies In Los Angeles


Most of the new flies were properly identified by closely examining their genitalia. Hot.

#Star Trek

The Rumors Surrounding A New ‘Star Trek’ Series Are Still Alive, But There’s A New Wrinkle

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Latino Review's 'Star Trek' series rumor is still alive, but there's a new wrinkle in the story.


This Guy Combined The ‘San Andreas’ Trailer With Footage From ‘Superman’ To Create ‘Supermandreas’

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A San Francisco-based illustrator decided to combine the two films into one mega-earthquake-superhero movie trailer.


Leonard Nimoy’s Son Is Making A Documentary About His Father


Adam Nimoy will produce and direct 'For The Love of Spock'. William Shatner will appear and Zachary Quinto will narrate the documentary.


First TV Spot For ‘Daredevil’ Offers Plenty Of New Footage

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With less than two weeks to go until Netflix releases the first season, check out the first 'Daredevil' TV spot here.


‘Veep’ Creator Armando Iannucci Wants To Have The Doctor Curse In An Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’


Armando Iannucci wants to reunite with Peter Capaldi and that could be exactly what 'Doctor Who' needs.


Watch How The Robots Of ‘Interstellar’ Were Created In This New Behind-The-Scenes Video


'Interstellar' had many memorable moments, and now you can see how one of them came to be in a new behind-the-scenes featurette.


Biohackers Just Used Eyedrops To Give This Guy The Power Of Night Vision

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Forget clunky goggles, a chlorophyll substance called Chlorin e6 is all you need to be able to see in the dark.

Super Mario 64

Meet The Gaming Fan Who Recreated ‘Super Mario 64′ In High Definition

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It's all a part of the computer science student's Unity-based program for indie and multi-platform video game developers.


In Not So Shocking News, Nintendo Has Delayed The New ‘Legend Of Zelda’ For The Wii U

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Nintendo has decided to delay the new 'Legend of Zelda' for the Wii U, but that shouldn't surprise anybody.

Heroes: Reborn

Hiro Will Be Back For The ‘Heroes: Reborn’ Miniseries

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Masi Oka, who played the fan-favorite traveler of space and time, returns as a guest star.


Fox Just Bought The Rights To A Feature Adaptation Of ‘The Leviathan’

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Remember that short film from a few weeks ago called 'The Leviathan' that rocked the internet? A feature film version is on the way.


Meet The Lucky Tortoise Who Got A Brand New 3D-Printed Shell From University Students


Thanks to 3D printing, Cleopatra the tortoise is now the most stylish reptile on the block.


Paramount Hires ‘Fringe’ Writer To Turn ‘Transformers’ Into A Marvel-Like Cinematic Universe

By | 14 Comments

Marvel has been so successful with its cinematic universe that every other studio wants some actionn, and the latest entry is Transformers.

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