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Now Dat’s How You Do Art

By 07.20.10

In 2006, Robert Burden began a series of huge, ornate paintings based on his childhood action figures.  He’s finished twenty-one paintings so far and is currently working on a ThunderCats painting.

Burden made time-lapse videos for three of the paintings: Voltron (11′ x 7′), Battle Cat (70″ x 100″), and Tauntaun (10′ x 7′).  All three videos are embedded below.  If you’re wondering why he painted the Battle Cat pink at first, it was to make the colors painted over it seem more vibrant.  Or it’s just a girl Battle Cat.  I don’t know.  What do I look like, a Battle Cat sexer?  Don’t answer that.

[via ToplessRobot and Blastr]


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