‘Fallout’ Star Ella Purnell Fully Admits That She’s ‘Not A Gamer’ After Trying To Wrap Her Head Around The Game

You know how every time an actor lands a video game role they always claim to have been huge fans of the property for years? Well, in a refreshing bit of honesty, Fallout star Ella Purnell isn’t going that route.

While promoting her breakout performance as Lucy in the Amazon series that’s already racking up rave reviews, Purnell fully admitted that she’s not a gamer and had a rough time playing the Fallout game while preparing for the show.

“I’m not a gamer, but I tried to play Fallout,” Purnell recently told Variety without elaborating on which version she played. “I’m just not good at it, and that annoys me because I’m competitive. It was the controls that I didn’t get the hang of. My thumbs don’t control the right way.”

Walton Goggins, who plays fan-favorite character The Ghoul on the show, flat-out admitted that he has “zero” video game experience. “Mine ended with Galaga,” he said before revealing that he relied on his 13-year-old son to explain the finer points of the Fallout world to him.

As for Aaron Moten, who stars as Maximus a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, his research rested somewhere in the middle. The actor turned to Twitch streams to immerse himself in the quirky, yet wildly violent post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon.

(Via Variety)