An Augmented Reality Sucking System You Say?

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12.03.10 2 Comments

That sucker looks delicious.

When I heard designers at Keio University in Japan had engineered an augmented reality sucking system, I put on my fanciest smoking jacket, settled in with a snifter of brandy and a bubble gum cigar, clicked on the article from CrunchGear, and braced myself for a sexy time. Bad news is, it wasn’t quite what I expected, and I dropped my bubble gum cigar in surprise.  Good news is, it’s a boy.  Bad news (again) is, I somehow still burned the house down, even with a bubble gum cigar.  And my insurance adjuster already told me last time not to let it happen again.

The sucking system is unfortunately just another “stick a lollipop in here and suck it” device.  The video of it in use is below, and here’s how it works:

When your mouth touches the popsicle, a sensor built into the device detects the action and passes the information on to a vibration speaker. This speaker can produce various sensations, i.e. crisp apple or fizzy soda, depending on your choice. TagCandy’s makers says even the sensations of “fireworks and airplanes” can be imitated. [CrunchGear]

Holy crap.  Combine this with those augmented reality cookies and give me some airplane flavored cookies.  Now. Gimme. I want to taste the little vent that never stops blowing air directly into my left eye.

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