Dinosaurs Are Real, and the Nazis Have Them

Entertainment Editor

Last year we posted a trailer for the awesome Half Life 2 mod, “Dino D-Day”, in which you play an Allied soldier fighting against dinosaurs resurrected and trained by Nazis. 100% historically accurate. Now here’s the fantastic news: there’s going to be a full, multi-player Dino D-Day game, releasing March 1st, 2011 (trailer below).  Not only can you punch dinos in the face as in the Half Life 2 mod, but you can also play as a dinosaur, including a Desmatosuchus with a 20mm cannon strapped to its back. As you do.

Punch my dinosaur in the face with an official synopsis, dinodday:

The Allied side includes six playable characters each with unique weapons and abilities to use in combat. Gun down a Dilophosaur with your trusty M1 Garand, blast a kamikaze pterosaur out of the sky with your Thompson sub-machine gun, toss out a dead jack rabbit to lure a raptor into a trap. As an Axis player you will have your choice of three human classes and three dinosaur classes. Ambush your enemy with speed and stealth as the Raptor, mercilessly pound the enemy with the Desmatosuchus’ heavy 20mm gun, rampage through enemy groups as the Dilophosaur, pick up a body and throw it at an enemy for a double kill! The German soldier classes are the perfect complement to their dinosaur comrades.

You’ve played World War II games before…but have you played a World War II game with dinosaurs?

More important question: have you ever played a World War II game with dinosaurs on weed?  Find the answer to this and other similar questions in my new book, The Bigass Book of Movie References From 1998.

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