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11.19.09 23 Comments

NatGeo recently reported that the ice-covered oceans of Europa contain 100 times more oxygen than prior models predicted, meaning the satellite can sustain more complex life-forms than previously thought:

That amount of oxygen would be enough to support more than just microscopic life-forms: At least three million tons of fishlike creatures could theoretically live and breathe on Europa, said study author Richard Greenberg of the University of Arizona in Tucson. [io9]

The ocean environment below the ice is likely to be similar to Earth’s deep-ocean hydrothermal vents.  Speaking of which, one of the common species found at Pacific ocean hydrothermal vents is the giant tube worm.  Okay, SyFy Channel, get to work.  I expect to see Giant Tube Worms of Jupiter versus The Moon — starring Stephen Baldwin and Debbie Gibson — on your channel by next President’s Day.  Do it for Lincoln, the original owner of a giant tube worm, if you know what I’m sayin’.

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