Green Lantern Being Set Up As A Trilogy

08.06.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

In the least surprising news of the morning, Warner Brothers is rumored to be started filming on a second Green Lantern movie before the first movie even reaches theaters.  BleedingCool reports they’ll release the second movie in the summer or Christmas season of 2012, depending on when the Flash movie is shot:

From the bars of New Orleans, where Green Lantern is currently being filmed, comes this little gossipy nugget from certain bragging production staff. Do bear in mind that they may have been using their connection to the film to hit on people . . . [Ed- haters gonna hate]

Nevertheless, the word is that shooting on Green Lantern 2 is scheduled to begin before the first movie is even released. […] And if the first film does the megabucks they are expecting, then Warners will greenlight a third Green Lantern movie to be shot back to back with the second, for release in 2013. [BleedingCool]

That might delay the Deadpool movie.  I’m torn.  I want a movie with Deadpool (that doesn’t suck) but Green Lantern looks pretty awesome too.   Hmm, smartass mercenary who regularly breaks the fourth wall, or superpowered defender of justice who can be defeated by someone taking a whizz on his leg?  Yeah, I’m going with team Deadpool.

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