Hot Tub Time Machine Director To Remake The Toxic Avenger…Really

11.08.10 7 years ago

If there is a list of movies that need a remake, it’s safe to say that the 1984 Troma splatterfest The Toxic Avenger isn’t on it. In fact, it’s probably not even in the same room as that list, but buried in the bottom of a dumpster outside whatever building the list is in. And yet, they’re really remaking it, with an actual director and everything.

Yep, Deadline is reporting that Steve Pink, director of Hot Tub Time Machine and co-writer of Grosse Pointe Blank and High Fidelity, will be remaking the low-budget horror/comedy flick. He told Deadline, “The Toxic Avenger is exactly what the country–wait, that’s not big enough–what the world needs right now.” Pink will be co-writing the film with Daniel C. Mitchell, who wrote for the short-lived WB show Dead Last.

If like most people, you haven’t watched the Toxic Avengers since your high-school-horrible-movie-marathon days, it follows the exploits of 98-lb weakling Melvin Ferd, who after falling into a barrel of toxic waste, is transformed into the muscle-bound mop-wielding Toxic Avenger. He proceeds to violently murder crooks throughout the town of Tromaville while romancing a beautiful blind girl.

Apparently the remake rights included the rights to all of the Toxic Avengers franchise, including all five movies and its animated kids series, The Toxic Crusaders. So, could we eventually see a Toxic Crusaders remake?



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