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12.04.09 9 Comments

Get ready to cringe, folks.  When the Burgers got married, some surprise guests showed up to reenact a scene from Superman II. Only a few members of the wedding party and the groom were in on it: 

From the anonymous woman who sent me the video:

“This is the wedding reception of my husband’s best friend.  My husband is Lex Luthor.  The bride had no idea this was going to happen.” [GreatWhiteSnark]

I give it about 3 more years till every argument ends with, “Well at least I didn’t turn our special day into a Richard Donner cosplay convention, superdork.”  And then he’ll say, “You said you like surprises!”  And then she’ll say, “But I meant surprise me by bringing home Bill from the office for a threesome.”

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