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11.19.09 20 Comments

Via scifisquad:

Will Arnett is attached to star in a sci-fi romantic comedy [Ed.- that’s a genre now?] for Fox. “Space Invader” is a new script from Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder, upcoming Iron Man 2) that finds Arnett as an astronaut who goes into space with the sole purpose of confronting another astronaut who he suspects is sleeping with his girlfriend.

I think I know what Arnett’s character is going to say to his friend during the climactic confrontation scene.  “Zero hour, dude. It’s the end of the line. I’m the first boyfriend. I’m sick of playing second fiddle. I’m always third in line for everything. I’m tired of finishing fourth. Being the fifth wheel. There are six things I’m mad about, and I’m taking over.”  Too obscure?  Okay, how about Arnett pulls out a puppet in an astronaut suit and has it sing “It’s not easy to be in the black void of space.”  I can do this all day.  That’s no trick.

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