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01.25.10 2 Comments

ABOVE: The secret origin of Oscar the Grouch.  View full-sized at ManEggs.

Brendan Fraser’s dork laugh, the remix.  This is how I applaud now. [Filmdrunk]

Levitating Cat (possibly NSFW) has spawned a new meme, and this one is my favorite so far.

Videos from the final Conan O’Brien show that won’t get pulled (including the awesome Freebird performance). [InsideTV]

The Jimmy Kimmel show made a “Ken Burns documentary” on the late night debacle. [WarmingGlow]

Everyone can stop playing Pokemon.  This lady caught them all. [ComicsAlliance]

A gallery of custom mouse mods that look uncomfortable to use. [Unreality]

The 10 creepiest old ladies in movies. [InsideMovies]

How to drop F-bombs in 100 different languages. [NextRound]

VIDEO BELOW: Jeff and Erin made a movie trailer parody to announce their wedding.  So many explosions, Michael Bay just tried to buy 18 tickets to this wedding on Fandango. [thenextweb]

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