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How to write a romantic comedy in ten soul-crushing steps [Uproxx]

I wrote this thing about 7 totally-real inventions stolen from Nikola Tesla [Uproxx]

Video of Sandra Bullock accepting a Razzie. [Filmdrunk]

Jimmy Kimmel evicted from the Handsome Men’s Club [TheSmokingSection]

Cleavage: The Game Show.  Also, “Inside the room are chickens.” is the sentence that instantly improves any game show. [WarmingGlow]

Best superheroine cosplay is almost as entertaining as superheroin. [ComicsAlliance]

Christoph Waltz Is The Trolololololololololo Guy [Urlesque]

All-purpose trailer for every Oscar-winning movie [Unreality]

Betty White is going to host SNL. [InsideTV]

Here’s that video you didn’t know you needed: Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep making out. [InsideMovies]

The Punisher’s Strangest Villains Ever [ComicsAlliance]

Techmo Bowl video game is coming back. [WithLeather]

VIDEO BELOW: Since William Shatner has been cast in the TV show based on Twitter account @Sh–MyDadSays, here’s a video of him reading some of those tweets. [via thedw]

[Picture via Reddit]

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