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How to throw a LAN party.  I hope the last step is “burn down the house and salt the earth”.  You can’t Febreeze away gamer funk.  [Uproxx]

“Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson mauled by cougar, expecting cubs” [Filmdrunk]

An amazing collection of Lost obsessiveness [WarmingGlow]

College baseball game turns into a bizarre sort of dance-off.  [WithLeather]

Spoiler Alert: 50 Cent Shoots People [TheSmokingSection]

Some of the other double-gun cliches the 50 Cent poster was inspired by. [InsideMovies]

If you live in Dubai, Qatar, or France, you can pay Spider-Man to wash your windows. [ComicsAlliance]

Athletes and their superhero counterparts (slideshow) [BleacherReport]

Adrienne Curry doing sci-fi cosplay (picture gallery) [Unreality]

The 8 most epic fight scenes from martial arts movies [Guyism]

Dog fetches beer [DoubleViking]

A tribute to Chewbacca (picture gallery) [Gunaxin]

VIDEO BELOW: These ALF bloopers contain a surprising amount of swearing, racial epithets, and simulated drug use.  Or an unsurprising amount, depending on how you like your ALF. [via EpicPonyz]

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