LittleDog is Learning, Waiting, Plotting

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05.24.10 7 Comments

If you were terrified by Boston Dynamics’ “Big Dog” robot (videos below) a couple years ago, prepare to drop bricks because Boston Dynamics has improved their LittleDog quadruped robot and have released their nightmare fuel all over the youtubes.

LittleDog, which is being developed at USC as part of Darpa’s robot locomotion initiative, will now chase you [Ed- YOU, specifically.] across rocky terrain, over crevices, and up stairs of various heights. Any weaknesses we might’ve perceived in the initial videos of LittleDog have vanished and with them our hopes of ever resisting the RoboDog takeover. [Gizmodo]

The LittleDog is completely autonomous and learns how to navigate terrain better using its sensors, which measure joint angles, motor currents, body orientation, and ground contact. Each of its legs has three motors, and it can run for 30 minutes on one recharge.  If you ever meet one of these, I’d suggest climbing a tree and waiting 30 minutes.  They can’t recharge themselves or climb trees, yet . . .

Here’s the LittleDog video (Note: this video is not sped up at all):

Here’s the BigDog video from a couple years ago if you missed it:

Here’s the vastly improved BigDog, now with park bench assault protocols:

[BigDog parody video via Filmdrunk]

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